NFL Coach Cree Morris Shares His Must-have Apps for Football Season

With the 2014 NFL season in full swing, we caught up with former NFL quarterback and current quarterbacks coach Cree Morris, who gave us an inside look at his own app playbook and the digital resources he uses for 24/7 access to all things football. 

  1. Team Stream by Bleacher Report – Curate your football news so you only have to see what you want from around the Web. This app provides real-time alerts and tweets for the teams and topics you care about.

  2. Rotoworld Fantasy News – If you are as serious about your fantasy teams as I am, this is the ultimate fantasy football app.
  3. ESPN SportsCenter – A definite must-have for any sports fan, this app has scores, highlights, transactions and even fantasy. It’s everything I love about ESPN, but on my smartphone.
  4. Twitter – It may not be football-specific, but we all know news breaks on Twitter first. To be in-the-know on all things football, from trades to injuries, follow your favorite teams, players and media sources on Twitter.
  5. NFL Game Rewind – This app is for the ultimate NFL fan. Game Rewind lets nostalgic fans watch NFL games of the past and provides access to coaches’ film (complete with exclusive angles). You can analyze the game like a true pro with exclusive access. 

What are your #musthaveapps for football season? Does NFL Mobile top your list? Let us know on Twitter at @VZWNews or @VZWHeidi.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless “Must-have Apps” series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.