Powerful Tech: Preparation and Staying Safe

Emergencies can take many forms — from tornadoes, to instances of domestic violence, to a violation of your privacy. Being prepared in any type of emergency is critical, and often, it’s the small, easy-to-achieve steps that can make a big impact. For example, just knowing where the flashlights are, or being able to send an alert during a life-threatening situation, or installing a single generator to help keep a community connected  — all of these steps can make a major difference in an emergency.

As a technology company, we at Verizon Wireless have a responsibility to make sure our customers are empowered with the mobile tech they need, when they need it.  We work around the clock to keep our customers connected during those times of need — from our network caves which protect emergency equipment 60-feet underground, to our Hopeline program, which connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources. It’s in our DNA, it’s a part of who we are.

During our special series over the next month, Verizon Wireless looks at the many ways we’re helping empower customers to stay safe as well as the cutting edge innovations in emergency preparedness we’ve found inspirational. We’ll explore everything from the next wave of emergency charges (solar to hand-crank) and new GPS technology that may improve the restraining order. We’ve listed a few of our stories below.

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Upcoming stories:

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  • Donate Cell Phones to a Good Cause with the Help of HopeLine