Solar Power Isn’t Just for Rooftops Anymore

Companies around the globe are trying to reduce their energy consumption and decrease harmful emissions by turning to greener technologies, and many are turning to solar energy. Because it doesn’t rely on the continuous mining of raw materials, solar energy helps reduce greenhouse gasses while also protecting ecosystems from the habitat disruption that comes with many fossil fuel extractions. 

When the term “solar energy” first comes to mind, some may drift to thoughts of large, bulky panels that need to be fastened to rooftops. But many of today’s solar-powered devices are convenient enough to carry, while others are placed in locations that allow for mass public use.

Personal Solar Devices 

From solar chargers for your phone to solar-powered portable sound systems and keypads, there are countless gadgets utilizing the power of solar technology to add cordless convenience to our lives and help cut down on our electric bills. 

Public Solar Stations 

These technologies have even entered the public sphere, with innovations like public benches that allow you to charge your devices via solar energy, and New York City’s solar-powered smartphone chargers in Bryant Park as two recent examples. 

Solar Philanthropy 

But solar energy technology is being used for more than just personal convenience – it’s even helping save lives. The Solar Suitcase provides much-needed light so that doctors can deliver babies and provide other healthcare without electricity, and the Solar Bottle Light uses plastic water bottles to illuminate off-the-grid homes in rural or underserved communities. 

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