Why More Data Matters

Wireless is one of the most competitive industries around. Driven by the growing needs and expectations of mobile users, the industry continues to innovate to meet these expectations. Meeting customers’ needs was what Verizon did with the introduction of the industry’s first shared data plans in 2012, followed by the evolution to More Everything plans in February.   Now, this month’s double data offer on select More Everything plans for families and small businesses gives customers even more. 

What’s driving the focus on data? Well, you are probably using more mobile data than ever before.  No surprise, it’s only going to grow.  According to the CTIA, wireless network traffic generated by smartphones is expected to rise 325% by 2018.  Driving much of this growth is our love for social media and streaming music.

It is video, however, that continues to be the king of our data consumption. Youtube reports that of the 6 billion hours of content viewed on their site each month, 40% is viewed on mobile devices.  In fact, mobile video accounts for 56% of the industries data traffic and is expected to grow 600% within the next four years.

So as customers’ needs continue to evolve, Verizon will continue to invest and innovate to meet their changing needs. What can never change is Verizon’s commitment to provide mobile users a reliable and efficient wireless network that provides a world class experience to everyone.

Like our customers, Verizon knows that a price plan or promotion is only as good as the network it is on.