Must-have Apps to Ease Airport Travel

Brad J. Ward is the CEO of BlueFuego, a consulting firm specializing in higher education admissions marketing. And he travels. A lot.

Based out of Indianapolis, Ward has travelled over 130,000 miles per year over the last five years for his company. We caught up with him outside of a Cinnabon during a recent layover to find out his #musthaveapps for airport travel.

1. TripIt Pro – I cannot live without this. TripIt creates itineraries for each trip and stores all of my important information. Numerous times TripIt has notified me of a flight cancellation or delay before the airline, allowing me to re-book and get a seat on a different flight before anyone else knows. (Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows // Free Version and $0.99 Full Version).

2. GateGuru - I use this to plan out where I’m going to eat on layovers. I have my go-to places at the hubs, but GateGuru is good for figuring out where to grab food while heading from one gate to another. (Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows // Free).

3. LiveATC - It's pretty geeky but I like occasionally listening to Air Traffic Control on my layovers. Yep…that is a thing you can actually do. (Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows // $2.99).

4. FlightTrack 5 - This app is nice for seeing estimated takeoff and landing times, and at which gate we’ll be arriving. The flight map also shows radar weather which is helpful for knowing what we might be flying around, over or into. This app also integrates with TripIt, so all of my flights instantly appear. (Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows // $4.99).

5. Airport Madness Challenge – When I'm killing time on the runway or in the air, I love to play Airport Madness. Your thumbs determine the fate of all of the planes and passengers you have been entrusted. The better you are, the higher your salary. The faster you get the planes in and out of the gates the higher your bonus is. But one accident and your career is over. How is this possibly relaxing to me? I don’t know, but it is. It's a very addictive game. (Compatible with iOS // Free).

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