Tailgate Like a Champion this Weekend

Though a football game is played for only 60 minutes, watching a game on television can take hours out of your day and attending a game in person is usually an all-day affair. That’s because it’s not just about the game, it’s about the whole experience – including the pre-game tailgate.

Starting in late summer and lasting through fall and winter, the tailgating season gives fans the chance to spend time with their families and friends, bond with fellow sports fans and avoid doing yard work. Tailgating is as much a part of the college and professional football experience as the games themselves. So much so, there’s even an American Tailgater Association!

Every tailgating experience is different – from a simple charcoal grill and some folding chairs to elaborate set-ups with linen tablecloths, silverware and even satellite TVs. But there are some common elements: good food, cool refreshments and plenty of entertainment.

And that’s where your mobile device enters the line-up. Armed with a smartphone or a tablet, you can plan and pull off the perfect pre-game tailgate.

Game planning:

A good tailgate requires planning. Tailgating is a free iOS app that lets users create shopping lists or to-do lists to ensure nothing gets left behind as you pull out of your driveway for the game.

Need ideas? Tailgate Fan has everything the tech-savvy tailgater needs, including tailgating news and videos, delicious food recipes and a place to create and share your tailgating pictures.

Pre-game show:

Ever try finding your friends in a crowded stadium lot? MeetBall uses GPS to share your party location with friends and help them find you among the other face-painted fans.

Speaking of which, get your game face on with the latest and most up-to-date team news, game breakdowns, fantasy stats and videos from NFL Mobile. The app is especially handy for when you’re not at the game or tailgaiting, as you can watch Sunday local market football, plus Sunday, Monday, and Thursday primetime games live on your phone with MORE Everything.

Taking the field:

The grill is up, the chili is on and it’s time to crank up the energy. Blast your team’s fight song and other pre-game party tunes from your mobile device through a Logitech UE MiniBoom. Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices up to 50 feet away!

And don’t forget to share your tailgating experience with your friends at home on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


After the game, you can wind down in the parking lot or head for the exits. When you do, get the latest traffic info with Waze. This app lets your fellow fans alert you to traffic tie-ups and where the road is clear.

Every team has its diehard tailgating fans and traditions, and every team’s fans claim to be the best tailgaters. Hey, save the competition for the field. The most important thing to remember about the perfect tailgate experience is to have fun and be safe.

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