Tech Reporter Shares His Must-have Apps

When you see Jason Cipriani’s byline in Fortune, CNET or WIRED magazines, you might expect to run into this tech guru in cosmopolitan cities like San Francisco or New York. But Cipriani stays connected in his hometown of Pueblo, Colorado – located roughly 45-miles south of Denver.

Jason Cipriani has been covering mobile technology news for more than five years. His work runs the gamut from ‘How To’ pieces to software reviews for CNET, WIRED’s Gadget Lab and He also writes "Logged In," a weekly personal technology column.

Cipriani shared his #musthaveapps for staying organized, managing his life, and also managing his online reputation.

  • Dark Sky — Weather forecasts are usually vague generalizations of what to expect over the course of a day. Dark Sky, on the other hand, is an app that provides hyper-local weather forecasts based on your exact location. Combining radar, black magic, and some powerful algorithms, Dark Sky can tell me down to the exact minute when to expect rain or snow. It’s scary how accurate it is.
  • Tile — My morning routine used to have an extra ten minutes built into it. The time was due to my constantly losing my keys. It got so bad my wife, who always ended up finding my keys, refused to continue helping me. Using Tile, a small Bluetooth accessory, I’m now able to track down my keys in a matter of seconds using the iPhone app. The app guides you towards your ‘Tile’ using what amounts to the childhood favorite ‘hot or cold‘ indicator.
  • IFTTT — If This, Then That is one of the most powerful web tools I have ever used. I’m not trying to oversell it, I promise. It leverages popular web services such as Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and Gmail — a total of 129 different ‘channels’ in all — and lets you connect them to one another. For example, I currently have a recipe that sets the wallpaper on my Android device to my last Instagram photo. Another recipe sends an alert to my iPhone when my Nest Thermostat sets itself to away.
  • Timehop — We may not realize it, but by frequently posting to various social media services, we’re actually creating what amounts to a digital diary of our lives. The only problem is: our daily entries aren’t organized. Facebook displays our photos, Twitter quickly forgets our jokes and Foursquare maps our adventures. Timehop is a free app that views your account history and shows you what you were doing and saying exactly one year ago to the day. Actually, it goes back in time as far as your digital history goes.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless “Must-have Apps” series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.