Where in the World is Innovation in Education?

Each of the Education finalists presented their ideas to a panel of expert judges for a chance to win $1 million and work with Verizon to turn their idea into a reality. Follow their journey and stay tuned for the big winner reveal in late January. Who will take the top prize?

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

  • Rugged Communications: A technology solution that uses solar panels and wind turbines to provide electricity and cellular-quality coverage to the most remote areas on the earth, bridging the education gap in some of the most underserved and remote areas of the world. 

  • School YourselfA suite of authoring and analytics tools for interactive, connected lessons that are personalized to each student’s needs. 

  • Sesame Enable: Touch-free smartphone and tablet technology designed to serve children (and adults) for whom touch is irrelevant. The technology integrates games and applications and allows children access to educational opportunities that were previously inaccessible to them via their devices.

  • Books that GrowAn innovative learning platform featuring Common Core-aligned, downloadable eBooks that adapt to each user’s reading ability. By collecting data on reading proficiency and preferences, the platform builds learning profiles for each student and augments the reading experience to maximize the ability of the reader.

  • Ola Mundo Messenger: A tool for non-verbal children that gives them the ability to communicate remotely using a symbol-based system.

  • BRCK: A device designed to extend educational resources to the developing world, allowing teachers to have the wealth of the Web at their fingertips in the classroom, regardless of power, internet or mobile connectivity.

  • Kiko Labs: A cognitive school-readiness training system comprised of adaptive, neuropsychological exercises designed to help children develop in accordance with their age group, regardless of socioeconomic class.

Student & Teacher Analytics

  • Kinvolved: A solution to chronic absenteeism among school-age children designed to increase graduation rates of at-risk students by improving attendance and communication among schools, after school/community programs and family members.

  • AMBITIONIA career-planning platform for students and professionals that uses specific algorithms to show different career trajectories based on individuals with similar backgrounds and goals. 

Collaboration & Gamification

  • Kidhoo: A digital platform designed for special education caregivers and professionals to encourage communication, collaboration and cohesive support networks for disabled individuals.

Verizon knows that innovative ideas can come from anywhere. Our 2014 Powerful Answers Award (PAA) received thousands of entries from around the globe – each one vying for the chance to win a $1 million prize and an opportunity to change the world through innovations in education, transportation, sustainability and healthcare. Out of more than 1,870 submissions, ten inspiring finalists were chosen in the Education category. Here are some of the facts and figures:

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