Where in the World is Innovation in Transportation?

Each of the Transportation finalists presented their ideas to a panel of expert judges for a chance to win $1 million and work with Verizon to turn their idea into a reality. Follow their journey and stay tuned for the big winner reveal in late January. Who will take the top prize?


  • Impaqd: A mobile-enabled efficiency and cost-savings solution for the trucking industry that leverages location-based load-matching.
  • Vaxess Technologies: A new technology designed to extend the global reach and access to vaccine products and expand the market for companies that produce them.
  • Matternet: A flexible, automatic logistics and distribution network that uses small, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to leapfrog roads and connect anyone.
  • Mobot: A smart, autonomous solution to truck loading that allows for more efficient, reliable and safer operations

Smarter Driving

  • Fastree3D: A single, low-cost complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) system that enables vehicles and machines to recognize and locate fast-moving, three-dimensional objects in real-time, enabling deliberate, intelligent driving assistance or autonomous navigation. 
  • RPark: An electronically managed parking payments system designed to help decrease travel time, relieve congestion, streamline public transportation and address pollution.
  • SmartRail: An intelligent solution for the U.S. railroad network that uses wireless sensor devices to monitor and track the health of rails, trains and more. 

Urban Solutions

  • PayBySky: A parking management solution that uses real-time intelligence to modify driver behavior and help address congestion, pollution and general “livability” in urban environments.
  • Scipopulis: A real-time transportation information system that empowers citizens with information to effectively plan their daily commute.
  • HopOn: Technology designed to change the public transportation check-in and ticketing experience to help make it more efficient and enjoyable.

Verizon knows that innovative ideas can come from anywhere. Our 2014 Powerful Answers Award (PAA) received thousands of entries from around the globe – each one vying for the chance to win a $1 million prize and an opportunity to change the world through innovations in education, transportation, sustainability and healthcare. Out of more than 1,870 submissions, ten inspiring finalists were chosen in the Transportation category. Here are some of the facts and figures: