5 Must-have Apps to Get Organized for the Holiday Season

The holidays are as happy as they are hectic. It’s the time of year that really calls for planning amidst the holiday parties, meals, homecomings and season’s greetings. With so many details to stay ahead of – in addition to our day-to-day lives – here are some apps that can help you get organized this holiday season.

1) Checkin’ it twice

There is something about the holiday season that just inspires lists. Guest lists, gift lists, party checklists, etc. That is why I like Wunderlist. One of my favorite features is adding subtasks to each list because it makes it easier to break down larger tasks. That way “Plan the holiday office party” becomes “Invite coworkers,” “Buy food,” and “Put up decorations.” It even allows you to share lists so, for instance, I can share my daughter’s wish list with friends and family with ease.

2) Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Old family recipes are the secret to holiday meals – from getting the mashed potatoes just right to making gingerbread cookies so delicious. However, it is a lot harder to combine those recipes into a meal or shopping list. Big Oven is a lifesaver. With a boatload of features, it helps create shopping lists by recipe, plan meals for the week, invent ways to use leftovers and even scan paper recipes.

3) Baby, it’s cold outside

Weather Underground is great because it crowd-sources weather reports in real time for accurate, hyper-local weather. It even has push notifications to keep you on top of the weather so you beat the blizzard to that family dinner.

4) The sounds of the season

Instead of trying to create the perfect holiday playlist yourself, use 8Tracks. Like a lot of internet radio apps, it provides a way to listen to music online, but there’s a twist—it doesn’t play ads and it is based on user-created playlists for a consistent experience each time you listen.

5) Season’s greetings!

Annual Christmas cards for close friends are fun, but there are so many acquaintances deserving of a holiday nod too. For all those invitations and holiday greetings, Red Stamp is easy. Choose from 1000s of cards and invitations and send them by email, text or even snail mail (for a small fee).

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