Family Game Night Just Became a Thing Again

Today’s American living room is part library, part news bureau. Between tweets, videos, pins, chats, forums, finances—each family member can connect around the world, all the time at lightening speeds.

But thanks to a tech redux on some classic games, today’s living room is now part parlor and the connections remain among family members in the room, challenging each other to vintage games like Monopoly and Risk.

In fact, trends reveal that board games sales have grown between 15-20 percent in each of the past three years. But yesterday’s games now have mobile app versions, and family members can get so immersed in the competition that outside connections become second fiddle. 

So if you’re trying to make family time a priority in 2015, or you’re just looking for some new bonding ideas, consider adopting a family game night ritual. And game night benefits go beyond family bonding. As The Atlantic reported in July 2014, children who play games with their families regularly perform better in the classroom.

Are you ready to plan your family’s regular game nights? Try these three classic games available on your tablet.

  1. Monopoly: Relive your childhood memories of buying-up Boardwalk properties or celebrating a “get out of jail free” card. The Monopoly app’s interactive tabletop mode automatically rotates to face the current player. Families can also connect with loved ones from afar through the iOS virtual playing option.
  2. The Game of Life: Teach your kids the lessons you learned from The Game of Life – whether it’s buying that first house or weighing the pros and cons of auto and life insurance. The Game of Life app includes a tabletop version for up to six players, and the interactive details bring the board game to life.
  3. Risk: Have your kids become board game geniuses? Then it’s time to heat the family game night competition up a bit with the ultimate board game challenge: Risk. The interactive tablet board includes HD-quality graphics, and can be paused and then restarted, since the game is notorious for lasting into the wee hours of the morning.

Whether it’s memories from Monopoly or laughs from The Game of Life, your family will enjoy this digital twist on timeless game night classics. And, if game night isn’t part of your family’s routine yet, these tablet apps will give you a fun, enjoyable start to 2015 and beyond.

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Laura Merritt is a public relations manager with Verizon Wireless. Follow her on Twitter at: @VZWlaura.