Why the Baby Boomer Generation Loves Mobile and Gaming

The Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) is currently labeled the fastest growing demographic to get into mobile games and social media. In fact, tech-savvy Boomers are right up there with digital-native Millennials, as they adopt wearable tech, social media and online gaming just as energetically.

Inventing and Investing

Every generation sees the world through a different lens and it’s becoming increasingly clear that technology appeals to all ages. While younger generations undoubtedly love mobile gaming, social media and the Internet as a whole, the Baby Boomer generation is far more active in this sector.

The Birth of the Internet

Baby Boomers watched the Internet’s birth and saw the potential that it could bring us. Without this curiosity, determination and willingness to learn, the Internet might not be where it is today.

Boomers are to thank for bringing computers and the Web to the forefront of our everyday lives. They’ve played a critical role in making computers and the Web mainstream – perhaps an indicator as to why they are so active and predominant in mobile usage as well.

How Deep are Your Pockets?

According to a 2012 Nielsen study, the Baby Boomer generation will control 70 percent of America’s disposable income, and they already account for over 40 percent of all computers and wireless services. Of course, tech industry leaders are aware of this and are tailoring new technologies and models to this demographic.

Don’t Have To ­– We Want To!

Interestingly, Boomers aren’t entirely reliant on computers like many Millennials are. They have a solid understanding of how technology can make our lives easier, yet they know that we can still continue without it if we need to. With this generation making up the majority of busy business owners, mobile gaming enables friends to play together without being together, hence why mobile gaming is so popular amongst them.

For the Love of Games…

Before reading this, you may have pictured today’s typical video gamer as a teenager in a dark room, transfixed to the glow of a computer or smartphone screen. Nevertheless, the stats show us that the average age of a video game purchaser is 41. A whopping 39 percent of all gamers are above the age of 50, smack in the middle of the Boomer age range.

What Games and Why?

The games beloved by Baby Boomers include, but are not limited to, some of the more popular games in existence today. For example:

  • Subway Surfers is vastly popular because it’s modern, addictive and a good boredom buster.
  • Angry Birds is another good choice because it’s lighthearted, interactive and is sure to make you chuckle.
  • Words with Friends spans generations because of its social, mind-stimulating and engaging format.
  • Candy Crush, arguably one of the most popular games of all time, is popular amongst Boomers because it is highly rewarding, upbeat and aesthetically pleasing during game play.

With marketers keeping a close eye on the latest trends in mobile gaming, this list is sure to be continuously updated. For now though, let’s enjoy what’s already available and let the Boomers game on.