Four Must-have Apps from a Motivational Speaker

Additionally, when Roberta needs to meet with groups, she uses WebEx because of its global video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. When meeting with individuals, Google+ Hangout is her go-to meeting app, because it’s easy to use and allows her to avoid drive time and remain present with her clients via webcam.

Roberta’s philosophy transcends our leadership status, our intelligent devices and amazing apps. Whether it’s in person or by way of technology, we need to work hard to make connections with others and to remain present in our work and in our lives.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless “Must-have Apps” series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.

Roberta Fiore-Kittell is a master-level executive coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

Working successfully with more than 600 CEOs, executives, emerging leaders and leadership teams, Roberta’s niche is improving others’ leadership presence by providing counsel on how to build relationships, create reputations and most efficiently spend time and resources.

So how does Roberta help others to be the best version of themselves? By teaching leadership presence and sharing a selection of mobile tools with her clients. These include:

  1. Ted Talks: The Ted Talks app is Roberta’s number one app that she recommends for her clients. Filled with more than 1,700 expert talks on technology, education and design, finding time to explore other’s expertise is a way to remain well-rounded while learning new ways to be effective. Roberta’s favorite Ted Talk is Amy Cuddy’s conversation about body language.

  2. Calm: The Calm meditation app offers seven guided meditations from two to 30 minutes. Roberta recommends this to her clients as a tool to assist them in remaining present.
  3. Goal Tracker: When learning new habits, Roberta believes in checking in and marking progress. A daily goal app offers leaders the opportunity to hold themselves accountable to their new habits.
  4. Future Me: How do we sustain a new behavior? Sometimes it’s by checking in on ourselves. Roberta recommends that her clients send their future selves an email through the Future Me app to stay in touch on goals and newly-honed leadership habits.