Latinos Lead in Mobile Device Engagement

According to a recent study, Latinos are leading in mobile engagement, especially when it comes to entertainment. From video streaming and downloads to mobile banking, Latinos rely on their mobile devices to do more of it. 

Leading experts share how their mobile devices and data keep them up to speed:

“It is convenient to download or purchase a digital copy of a film or show and have it with you on the go, to watch on your tablet or smartphone, and not just at home,” says entertainment expert Teresa Garza. “There are many sites now that offer bilingual programming made for the Hispanic audience.”

“Mobile banking is the present. I would encourage everybody to trust and use mobile banking in order to help win the fight for time, which means winning the fight for your family,” advises financial expert Andres Gutierrez.

Google Maps is my favorite recommendation,” said Traveling Latina blogger Ana Serafin.  

Living a mobile lifestyle depends on your wireless network. Verizon’s  XLTE doubles the bandwidth of the 4G LTE network in cities coast to coast, delivering faster peak data speeds than before.

Verizon’s customizable data plans like the MORE Everything Plan help smartphone users stay up to speed within budget.  Verizon’s new Prepaid Smartphone Plans offer more data than before  for the same price.  And with no annual contract, customers can bring their own Verizon device and get flexible data options.

“Connection speed, cost and more data is what it’s all about,” said Ruben Orozco, founder from HoyEnTec. “Nobody likes to wait.”