Seattle’s U Village Showcases Verizon’s Next-Gen Retail

In the city that shapes the cutting edge of commercial airliners, software and e-commerce, Verizon is sharing its newest vision of the ideal wireless customer experience. Shoppers at Seattle’s University Village “wireless lifestyle center” will see a newly upgraded Verizon Wireless store that’s a mobile playground with large, interactive digital displays providing visual information about innovative phones, tablets, new wearables, efficient home technology and more.

If there is a central message to customers, it’s this: don’t just shop—grab the new headphones and speakers and turn up the volume; pedal a bicycle while wearing a fitness tracker that evaluates heart rate and caloric burn; see how a smartphone unlocks your front door, turns on the lights and warms up the living room. Four distinct lifestyle zones in the store show customers how to “get fit,” “amplify” music, “have fun” with games and manage their homes.    

The new smart store design beckons wireless adventurers inside with displays of hands-on solutions to familiar challenges. Tap the big screen for a closer inspection of a device; uncover the different features and specs of the latest tablets; price out a More Everything plan with four smartphones and 10 gigabytes of data, all on a large display that you control.

The power to expand one’s knowledge of wireless capabilities extends to a U-shaped conference area in the center of the store, focused around yet another large digital screen. Nicknamed the “Wireless U,” this is where experts regularly hold free wireless workshops to help customers get the most from their Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Most shoppers navigate to Seattle’s trendy U Village by driving through or around the sprawling University of Washington campus along the shores of the city’s largest lake. It’s a great city and an ideal location for a new concept store.

“We chose Seattle to open a smart store because it’s a vibrant market that appreciates cutting-edge technology and innovative, interactive displays,” said Domenico D’Ambrosio, Verizon VP of national sales operations. “University Village is one of the top shopping centers in Seattle with top brands, including tech stores, so our new store design will help Verizon stand out in this competitive market.”

The new store promises broad appeal that extends beyond early adopters and offers great ways to see, feel and experience a product or service before buying.