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Stream Your Live Event to the World – No Satellite Truck Required

When you’re enjoying an event so much you just wish you could share it right now…you can. There’s no need to wait to upload the event to YouTube after you’ve recorded it. Instead, you can go to and stream live HD videos from any mobile device or Internet-enabled computer, or from an HDMI camera using Livestream’s Broadcaster attachment. Your viewers can watch from a wireless device or Roku.

Live streaming is a boon to citizen journalists, vloggers, far-flung family, and now sports enthusiasts and performers. This fall, Livestream added the ability to stream from GoPro Hero action cameras. GoPro cameras are designed for enthusiasts, with configurations specialized for those who play with cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, skis, musical instruments and more. Now you can attach your GoPro Hero to your vehicle, helmet, mic stand, harness or other spot and stream live as you bomb downhill, ride the waves, perform or simply explore.

The basic Livestream package is free, which is a good fit for personal productions from weddings and school plays to launching your cooking show from your kitchen. With the basic package, you get to stream your videos live using computer software or a mobile app. The video stays in the Livestream cloud for 30 days. Viewers need to log in to see your show. The $99 package lets your videos stay up for as long as you like, and your viewers don’t need to sign in. Professionals and ambitious amateurs might be interested in the Premium and Enterprise packages, which add on live embeds, phone support and more.

On top of streaming capability, Livestream StudioTM lets you play producer. Download the free Windows 7+ software to manage two camera feeds and a remote camera with a media player and graphics track. The $799 version lets you manage more devices with a multiscreen feature and other enhanced capabilities. You can also layer on a multi-camera switcher and the Studio Surface control board.

Verizon has used the platform to showcase its work. Last October, the Verizon Innovation Center West used Livestream to provide live coverage of the re-opening of their expanded facility. The platform also provided the opportunity for a live tour of the Verizon booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, offering a preview of the new connected technologies Verizon helped bring to market. These examples show the power of Livestream for anyone trying to stay in the action without leaving home. From companies and groups to parents, the Livestream platform offers the ability to share the excitement of live events using a mobile device — a process that, until recently, required a satellite truck.