Verizon Wireless Enhances Service on BART

Verizon Wireless has enhanced its service on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to provide riders with the best high-speed data experience possible. Throughout BART tunnels, stations and the Transbay Tube, Verizon deployed XLTE, adding more capacity to its 4G LTE network to deliver faster peak data speeds for commuters.

“With more than 400,000 daily BART riders, we want to ensure they stay connected and productive,” said Phillip French, executive director of Network for Verizon Wireless. “Bay Area commuters expect a strong and reliable connection, so we continue to invest in the network to deliver a superior experience for our customers.”

Verizon’s enhanced service is now available to BART riders throughout the East Bay and San Francisco, with the Colma to Millbrae section to be completed by mid-2015. Verizon Wireless’ Advanced Calling 1.0 (VoLTE) is also now available throughout the BART system.

As part of its commitment to ensure its customers have a powerful, reliable network, Verizon Wireless invested $9.4 billion in its wireless network last year. In California alone, the company has invested nearly $8.5 billion in the network since being founded in 2000.