Technology helps Valentines Spread the Love this Year

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Technology is top of mind for friends and loved ones during Valentine’s Day this year – whether it’s connecting, gift giving or planning the special day.  According to a recent survey of more than 7,000 participants conducted by Verizon Wireless, more than half communicate via technology on Valentine’s Day and the majority of folks (79%) will send some form of electronic wish rather than the old-fashioned paper card.

And when it comes to romancing your Valentine, technology puts it all at our fingertips.  In fact, this year on Valentine’s Day, 82% of those surveyed are likely to get a restaurant recommendation or make a restaurant reservation using their electronic device and 97% are likely to use their electronic device to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  But what will they purchase? A whopping 80% are likely to surprise their loved ones with some form of technology this year.

This data is based on a survey conducted by Verizon Wireless of  more than 7,000 responses from Verizon Wireless social connections. The Survey consisted of 24 questions and ran from 1/26/15 – 2/2/15.