Bay Area CEOs Share 2015 Mobile Tech Predictions

Portable devices have pulled ahead of desktop computers and are now the leading digital platform for entertainment, shopping, communicating and so much more. And with mobile use continuing to increase, more and more industries are adopting wireless technologies to meet consumer demands. We asked four Bay Area CEOs to weigh in on their 2015 mobile technology predictions.

On Mobile Gaming: Perry Tam, Storm8

“The mobile games market is as vibrant as ever and will likely outsize the console game market by the end of this year. Expect a U.S.-headquartered mobile developer to launch a game in 2015 that will bring in $1 million in daily revenue.”

On Mobile E-commerce: Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick

“Technology is now dissolving: into the environment (Internet of Things), into the cloud (computing power) and into the body (wearables). Mobile is now the most important e-commerce channel, and more e-commerce revenue is driven by mobile phones than by PCs. Personalization is now and will continue to meet in-store beacon technology, where any store becomes ‘my store,’ showing consumers the items they care about as they walk from department to department.”

On Mobile Messaging: Steven Chung, Frankly

“In 2015, mobile messaging will be the No. 1 way people and brands around the world communicate and connect with one another in an organic way. Messaging is the new social and can improve engagement, community and usage on almost any app. This year, we'll see more companies use technology like Frankly to provide easily integrated messaging functionalities into existing apps to enhance engagement with consumers.”

On Social on Mobile: Folke Lemaitre, Engagor

“Mobile is now the extended hand of the consumer and the primary vehicle for engaging with brands on social media. The rapid adoption of consumers using mobile devices to connect will mean increased real-time social engagement with brands and direct customer feedback. In 2015, customers will grow to expect real-time responses from brands 24/7 directly on their mobile device.”

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