Flexible Business Plans from Verizon Wireless Now Offer More Customization, Predictability, and Value for Business Customers

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Starting this month, Verizon is offering new Flexible Business Plans on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, giving business phone service customers the ability to add as many lines as they need for their business, then customize the data allowance for each line, all from a shared data pool.  Flexible Business Plans also offer unlimited domestic voice and messaging, unlimited international messaging, Mobile Hotspots, and corporate email through Good, Exchange Active Sync or Lotus Notes. 

Simplicity is at the heart of these new plans. Customers simply pick the devices they want to add to the account then choose either the smartphone or data plan they want to attach to that device.  Smartphone pricing begins at $65 per month and data devices, such as tablets, begin at $10 per month per line.  Every device on the Flexible Business Plan can draw from the data allowance for the entire account, providing an industry-leading option for businesses of any size. 

For example, a small business customer with five smartphones would pay $325 for plan access with 10GB of data to be shared among all lines.  One line could use 6GB while the others used 1GB that month and still within the account data pool.

Customers can also choose to add other business-grade features to each line, such as global travel options, Push to Talk +, further helping them provide the right tools for business connectivity.

The Flexible Business Plans give business customers the ability to better manage how data is allocated across the entire account, ultimately providing more predictability and value.  In addition, there are currently a number of special offers available to business customers that create even more value when adding devices to their accounts.

Add a basic phone for only $35 with 100MB of data.

Flexible Business Plans give customers the ability to change their plans at any time as their business needs change.  Customers are in control with one shareable pool of data across any number of devices with the flexibility to choose any amount of data business needs. All with unlimited talk and text.

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