Hi-Tech Wireless Technology Powers 2015 Houston Rodeo

Every March, cowboys, cowgirls and spectators from near and far travel to Houston, Texas to experience the world’s largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition – the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ™ (Rodeo). Drawing more than two million visitors each year and donating nearly $375 million to the youth of Texas since its inception in 1932, the Rodeo is a marquee event for not only the City of Houston, but the state of Texas.

Verizon proudly serves as a long-time supporter of the Rodeo and continually looks for opportunities to provide powerful technology and innovative solutions to enhance the overall visitor experience.

Gathering Data in Real-Time

The Rodeo places an emphasis on delivering a world-class entertainment experience for each and every visitor walking through the gates. To do this, the organization enlists the help of the Communications & Special Services volunteer committee to conduct on-site surveys. Each day the committee captures information about each patron’s overall experience, preferences on musical entertainment and audience demographics.

Historically, the surveys were conducted the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper. However, as attendance increased, completing the surveys, gathering and analyzing the data in a timely manner became a challenge. Yet insights gained from these surveys are crucial to improving the customer experience each year.

A quicker solution that could gather and process data in real-time was needed. Verizon replaced the paper and pen surveys with electronic surveys that are now captured on Verizon tablets. Doing this not only enhances the public’s overall survey experience but enables the Rodeo to instantly analyze and address visitor feedback more quickly.

Next in Line, Please!

Another challenge the Rodeo faced was the efficiency of a major concession booth run by the Go Tejano committee, one of the most popular concessions at the event. The Go Tejano team looked to the Rodeo to help meet the growing needs of their booth, as tracking sales with outdated register machines wasn’t proving effective.

Verizon helped the Rodeo replace traditional cash registers with Verizon tablets as point of sale. Doing this helped the Go Tejano committee increase accountability and overall productiveness.

These are great examples of the many ways Verizon's wireless technology is helping the iconic Houston Rodeo deliver a hi-tech connected experience to its customers. The 2015 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo runs March 3-22. Let's Rodeo, Houston!

This is the first installment of a two-part series that takes a look at how the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo went high tech with the help of Verizon. Until then, stay up-to-date on the Rodeo’s happenings by following their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account.