Today’s Smarter Cocina

The ultimate challenge for parents today – the daily trifecta – is picking up the kids, going to the store to buy groceries and cooking a healthy, homemade meal every night that the kids will actually like.

We spent some time with chef and entrepreneur Cynthia Perez, who says overcoming this challenge is not only possible, but can be made easier and more fun by using a little technology.  

“In the past, the risk of dropping or spilling on your smartphone or tablet while cooking was big enough to make people wary about using them in the kitchen. With advances in technology, those fears are [lessened],” said Perez. “Smartphones like the DROID Turbo™ are water-resistant so accidental splashes  pose [less of a] a threat while prepping a dish.” Perez also recommends added protection. “I use convenient Chef Sleeves since they are re-sealable, clear and have touch-sensitive pockets to keep most devices and tablets safe.” A conductive stylus also helps, especially when you have crumb-clad or gooey fingers, added Perez.

Perez converts many of her written family recipes into videos she can share wirelessly. “Put that smartphone or tablet to work since it’s always with you,” said Perez. “When visiting abuela, record her walking you through that secret family dish.” Fast, quick and easy, she also likes the ease of emailing recipes to other family members for usage anytime of the year. 

You can also free up valuable countertop space – and keep your tablet protected—with a handy accessory. “With my little ones always close by, any gadget in the kitchen is a dangerous attraction. But propping my tablet up and away from their reach with the adjustable Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount keeps my tablet at a safe distance and frees up more countertop space.”

Chef Perez also says that no Latino kitchen is complete without música, to create a festive atmosphere.  She pairs her mobile devices and tablet with water-resistant Bluetooth wireless speakers. Many of today’s wireless speakers are powerful enough to listen to your favorite music up to 50-feet away without pesky extension cords.

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