Verizon Network Engineers Prepare for 2015 Championship Game

Verizon network engineers have been working around the clock to make sure fans attending the 2015 basketball championships at Lucas Oil Stadium will have a positive experience on the Verizon Wireless network. 

This will be the seventh time Indianapolis -- “Circle City” -- has hosted the nation’s men’s college basketball event.  In 2014, a record 158,682 fans packed the three games with a record 79,444 attending a single game.  Verizon’s network team has been working for months preparing for those fans to share the excitement on their mobile devices, from sharing their favorite moments on Instagram and Twitter to posting photos on Facebook.

“These network upgrades will enable more customers to use their wireless phones concurrently with a much improved experience before, during and after the games,” said Lauren Love-Wright, region president for Verizon Wireless. “It’s really the customers that benefit from the deployment of these types of technology solutions.”

Verizon engineers installed the very first 4G LTE distributed antenna system (DAS) in 2012, which connects400 individual antennas to increase 3G and 4G LTE voice and data capacity inside the stadium. For 2015, the Verizon network team has added additional 4G LTE capacity that covers the entire interior of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Also new for 2015, network engineers are adding temporary antennas to cover the temporary seating configuration designed for the basketball court which will be laid over the football field. The new antennas will be focused on the floor of the stadium.

Verizon will have “Test Men” and “Test Women” walking the stadium testing network performance during the games. These testers will relay information on-site to nearby facilities, where technicians can adjust network power to compensate for increased needs and any surprises.

All across Indiana, Verizon has spent more than $1.7 billion since 2000 building up its network infrastructure for Hoosier homes and businesses. Verizon was the first wireless provider to roll out 4G LTE in Indianapolis in June 2011. In 2012, Verizon also built network enhancements at more than 30 locations, including downtown hotels, Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center.