Wireless Technology Crawls into the Nursery

Every day, it seems, there’s a new way to monitor and control different aspects of our lives from our mobile devices. We recently shared how technology was making its way into the crib and, in some cases, directly onto the clothing of sleeping infants.

But technology for babies doesn’t stop there.

Innovators like 4moms, Blue Maestro and Sleevely are reinventing all things baby gear, designing creative products to enhance the entire nursery and ultimately, make parents’ lives easier.

Here are some of the latest developments shaking up the juvenile products industry – all of which can be controlled from mobile apps:

  • 4moms, a robotics company that makes high-tech baby gear, recently debuted its new mamaRoo, the first-ever app-controlled infant seat. The Bluetooth-enabled mamaRoo allows parents to control its motions, speeds and sounds directly from an iOS or Android device.

The 4moms mamaRoo is the only infant seat that moves like parents do when comforting their infants with five unique motions – Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock A Bye and Wave. It also has built-in nature sounds, including the sound of a heartbeat, and will even connect to a mobile device so parents can play their own music.

  • Blue Maestro has developed the world’s first Bluetooth® Smart baby pacifier, called Pacif-i, which allows parents to identify their baby’s temperature from their smartphone. The Pacifi-i app will also record medication and track temperature changes, allowing parents to easily monitor the effect medication has on their baby.

The Pacif-i also offers users the ability to locate the pacifier with their smartphone, and includes a proximity feature that sends an alert if the pacifier is moved a certain distance away (e.g. if the little one drops it during an afternoon walk, unbeknownst to the parent).

  • Sleevely, a lightweight device that fits around a baby’s bottle, monitors and records a baby's feeding times and intakes, while providing recommendations and benchmark comparisons for nutrition. Through Bluetooth® Smart technology, Sleevely safely and accurately stores and sends data directly to the user’s mobile device.

Sleevely also helps to reduce wasted formula. It will alert users about the baby’s eating habits, so parents can quickly identify whether, when and how much their baby ate.

With unlimited opportunity for innovation in the baby gear space, what’s next? Tell us which of your baby’s products you would like to connect to a mobile app on Twitter at @VZWNews or @VZWHeidi.