Amped-up Tablets for Parents

Caring for your kids is a balancing act you’re constantly trying to perfect. You wear the hats of head chef, law enforcement, personal maid, head nurse and so many others on a daily basis. With your trusty tablet at hand, navigating parenthood may have just gotten a whole lot easier. From first words to first dates, check out these tips and tricks to amplify your tech game and help keep your parenting on point.

The Early Years

No, it’s not a revolutionary diaper-changing app, but iBaby will help you kick your tired old baby monitors to the curb and rest a bit more at ease knowing you can watch your sleeping angel wherever you go. The iBaby monitor lets you watch your little tykes from your phone, tablet or PC and includes a pan and tilt function that allows you to control the camera angle from a mobile device. But the best part? iBaby comes with two-way audio, so you can listen and sing to baby anytime, anywhere.

Pint-Size and Pushy

They’re determined, inquisitive and always on the go. A toddler’s constant energy and occasional temper tantrums can quickly exhaust any parent. When in doubt, turn to the tablet as a prime device to entertain kids when trying to keep them still, or simply to tire them out! Classic apps you already have on your device, like YouTube and Netflix, are perfect for playing your child’s favorite songs or shows to keep them captivated and still for precious minutes at a time. Or appeal to their artistic side with Crayola DigiTools that let your little one unleash his or her inner Picasso with digital coloring and painting right on your tablet.

Presumptuous Preteens

While their favorite social media apps are eating away at their brains, sneak a couple of educational apps onto your teen’s phone that are actually pretty cool. For instance, try Sound Uncovered, a virtual exhibit on sound in which kids make recordings and learn how their brains interpret them. Or try Operation Math Code Squad where players solve increasingly difficult math problems to disarm devices against a ticking clock. If you have a teen who hasn’t mastered the art of when to put down the phone, try FamilyBase to set limits on his or her mobile usage or remotely lock their device.

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