Florida School Systems Have Great Appetite for Kids’ Lunch App

Keeping an eye on your kids’ nutrition gets to be a bit difficult when they are left to their own devices in the school cafeteria line day in and day out. Finally, we have technology that can help families better navigate school meal choices with just a few swipes of a smartphone.

In the ever-adapting world we live in, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services saw an opportunity to bridge a gap between parents, schoolchildren, and teachers across Florida to ensure better school lunch decisions. Through a partnership with Nutrislice, the organization launched an app- called School Lunch – that informs parents of what’s on the menu at their kids’ school each day, as well as encourages students to adopt healthier eating habits.

How does this one app help do what millions of parents struggle with accomplishing on a daily basis? With fun, of course. The app actively engages students through methods like allowing them to vote for their favorite foods and offering activities that simultaneously educate them on healthier eating.

The app also helps parents and students plan their daily meals based on personal preferences and nutrition. Even more importantly, it delivers vital information for the parents of students with food allergies.

This simple concept has grown into a major success, with 45 of Florida’s 47 school systems adopting this app within just one year. 

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