Information and Peace of Mind: Monitoring Solutions for Small Communities

The small village of Deferiet is one of many quaint hometown communities nestled in the mountains of Upstate New York’s North Country. Situated near Watertown, NY and home to some 300 residents, you might not expect the village to be an early adopter of the type of state-of-the-art mobile technology that you would see in bigger cities with much larger resources, but it is.

As in any community, monitoring the village’s waste water system is a 24/7 job, one that previously relied on an almost literally “bells and whistles” solution.   

“We had a water event alarm system that used flashing lights and an audible alarm that depended on a phone response from observant residents,” said the village’s mayor, Janet Zando. “The Department of Environment Conservation required us to have a system that notified the Department of Public Works directly when an event was taking place. We asked Verizon for a recommendation.”

Verizon proposed a monitoring solution from Monnit to enhance and simplify what was already in place at the facility. Monnit combines wireless sensors with an easy-to-use mobile application to create an efficient monitoring system. Instead of a landline connection, the system uses 4G LTE technology to alert DPW staff of any abnormalities, day and night.

Monnit sensors can detect abnormalities in water levels, monitor power and pump statistics, track temperature and more, and then relay that data to whoever is on call. For example, if there’s an abnormality somewhere in the facility, Monnit will sense that the local alarm has been triggered and send an immediate notification via email and/or text message to a designated responder through the mobile app. This real time, wireless monitoring system can help prevent costly accidents and inconveniences, keeping the village of Deferiet’s waste water system running smoothly.

Scalable to almost any size system, the Monnit monitoring system and 4G LTE wireless connectivity are particularly efficient and budget friendly for small municipalities like the village of Deferiet.

“Our new system provides more than compliancy,” said the mayor. “It provides peace of mind.”

John O’Malley is a public relations manager at Verizon Wireless. Follow him on Twitter at: @VZWjohno.


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