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Prepaid Customers with Auto Pay Get More Bonus Data

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Auto pay has always given users the benefit of not missing a payment, and starting today, another benefit is available. For a limited time, prepaid smartphone customers can get 1 GB of bonus data every month when they enroll in auto pay and make their first successful automatic payment.

Customers on the $45 prepaid monthly smartphone plan, who normally get 1 GB of data per month can have a total of 2 GB when they sign up for auto pay. And customers on the $60 prepaid monthly plan who normally get 2.5 GB of data per month can have a total of 3.5 GB. That means more selfies to upload, tweets to post, and YouTube videos to watch every month.

Already enrolled in auto pay? Customers on a $45 or $60 smartphone plan who are currently enrolled in auto pay will receive 1GB of bonus data after their next auto pay payment.

Customers can visit for additional information on prepaid plans.