The Mobile Lifestyle Rounds the Bases on Opening Day

I had the fortunate experience of attending the Mets’ Opening Day.  Let’s take a look at how mobile technology helped out.

Since I now live further away from the ballpark, my commute relies on more preparation and less spontaneity.  My plan involves driving, taking a bus, riding a subway and walking.  This is all facilitated by apps and a solid 4G LTE connection on Verizon Wireless. I started off the day with Waze, which mapped out a great route to the Park and Ride.  Waze let me know there was a three-minute traffic delay on one of the highways due to a pesky tire changer – fortunately, no need to plan an alternate route.

At the bus station, I checked Transit App, which said the bus was due in five minutes. After boarding, I checked my work email, and while riding through the Lincoln Tunnel experienced a 4G LTE connection all the way! A quick walk from the bus station to the legendary 7 Train and then another check on Transit App showed me the trip to the stadium was 20 minutes.  Happy to report they were correct.

Walking to the stadium, I saw a few side shows, a wrestler, street singers, local celebs (Cowbell Man!) and took a few photos with my DROID Turbo device, which I posted to Twitter. As a power user, I find the long battery life on the DROID Turbo to be key.

Part of the day was spent working with a colleague and hosting some baseball bloggers: @SubwaySquawkers@MetsMerized and @MetsChronicle. They were all checking out tablets and apps relating to baseball and getting a solid overview of the power of our 4G LTE network.

Throughout the game, I snapped about a dozen photos of the action, and Tweeted them from my @VZWPaul handle.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying the mobile lifestyle in one way or another. I walked around, met up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile (yes, took a few selfies); checked the latest baseball news and a few videos on At Bat, and then made a roster move or two on my fantasy team via the ESPN Fantasy Baseball App (I’m still in sixth place).  It was a plus that our team won, and I posted a victory shot on Twitter as well.

At the end of the day, it was back to the TransitApp and Waze.  I got home on time, knowing it was a winning day – for the bloggers, the Mets and the fans who joined in the 4G LTE experience.

Were you at the Opening Day game? Planning to go to a few games this year?  Tell us what you like to do with your mobile device - @VZWNews or @VZWPaul.

Going to a baseball game can be a multidimensional experience – the passion of watching your favorite team; seeing top players perform; rivalries; hot dogs; the seventh-inning stretch and most important, the lasting memory.

But there is also the digital experience, which brings a new dimension for fans.  Thanks to mobile devices and apps, fans can enrich their ballpark experience – from the round-trip commute to accessing stats, adjusting fantasy league lineups, taking pictures and videos, and then sharing immediately on social media.