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Wireless Tablet is the New Darkroom

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I’m a bonafide photo fanatic. 

As a former freelancer and now a serious hobbyist, I’ve almost always got my DROID Turbo with 16-megapixel camera in one pocket and one of several Canon Powershot cameras in another.

If you peek into my backpack, you’ll find a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet – my go-to gizmo for photo editing, management and display. The Xperia is sleek and powerful with a razor sharp, vibrant display. It has the added bonus of being waterproof.

The Verizon Cloud keeps all my smartphone pics synced and up-to-date on the tablet. And to get my Canon pics on the tablet, I just swap out the microSD memory card and make my selections.

Photo editing on tablets is maturing rapidly and there’s now no shortage of great photo editing apps for Android tablets, my personal tablet of choice. The same goes for iPads and Windows tablets as well.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, the photo-editing standard-bearers, are both available on iOS, Android, and Windows. But my latest favorite is Photo Editor (by dev.macgyver) from Google Play. PhotoEditor offers all the features and adjustments I need along with a ‘curves’ interface for fine-tuning of colors. It also lets you alter perspective and many other variables. Two other faves, each with its own special photo-editing sauce, are Aviary and Pixlr. All three are free and worth checking out.

The Xperia is great for photo editing but it really excels at displaying and sharing photos. It does such a great job, I rarely print photos any longer. I use the QuickPic app in place of the native Gallery to organize and display photo folders, and a Chromecast dongle on my Samsung TV to view photos from my tablet on the large flat screen using Wi-Fi. And when I’m on the road, my tablet’s mobile hotspot lets me connect to a hotel TV set using Chromecast.

And connecting with images is what it’s all about. Being able to share images over a fast 4G LTE connection lets me share high-resolution images in seconds rather than send highly-compressed low-res pics through a messaging application. That means I can shoot, edit and publish images quickly whenever and wherever the need arises.

So for me, my tablet is a darkroom, a light table, a photo frame all in one. Who needs a darkroom, light table, photo frame, express delivery service and a long list of other stuff when your tablet can do it all?