Connected Tablet for Spring and Summer Travel

Annually, Americans take approximately 657 million long-distance summer vacations. That means millions of people are likely thinking of how digitally connected they want to be when leaving town. In today’s digital age, travelers stay connected for a variety of reasons: to navigate, check the weather forecast, find local attractions and even monitor security back at home.

Budget-conscious travelers often seek Wi-Fi connections, particularly when using lots of data to entertain the kids. However, Wi-Fi can be hard to find on vacation, especially when in transit.  And some hotels charge fees for Wi-Fi or reserve the speedy connections for loyalty program members.

That’s where reliable coverage comes in. For many, their 4G LTE-connected tablet has become a valued travel companion—as important as durable luggage or comfortable walking shoes.     

For those with a connected mindset, leaving their laptops at home was unimaginable. Today, many are opting to bring their tablets instead as lightweight, space-saving alternatives. Tablets meet or beat laptops on a few levels--they can average around 10 hours of battery life, edit documents and photos, capture video, and stream or play multi-media. 

When you’re traveling with your connected tablet this spring and summer, these apps and devices can help enhance your experience and even add a little peace of mind.


When flying, apps like FlightAware can send you updates and notifications regarding delays and gate changes. GateGuru is also a helpful app for finding restaurants and amenities in your area of an airport.

If driving to your destination, monitor and troubleshoot your vehicle using a Delphi Connect with 4G LTE. With this device, you can lock your doors or remote-start your car with your phone, as well as run vehicle diagnostics and use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

An app like iOnRoad or VZ Navigator can become your personal driving assistant with features like turn-by-turn directions, collision warning, off road alerts and headway monitoring. Other helpful apps to consider when road-tripping are Gas Buddy, which can help you find the lowest gas prices around, and apps like Waze, which offers the quickest routes based on traffic.

Enjoying your Trip

Once you’re at your destination, it’s time for the fun part: exploring. When in an unfamiliar city, the transit can be a little challenging to figure out. Citymapper can show you the local public and private transportation options.

If you’re out and about, you can use AroundMe to search for the nearest restaurants, banks and gas stations or book a hotel. Similarly, Field Trip will notify you when you get close to something of interest. It will share details about anything unique from local history to the best places to shop or eat.

While You’re Away

In past years, home burglaries peaked in July and August, which is when many families plan summer trips. Luckily, new devices that have come to the market can allow you to monitor your home security remotely—right from your tablet.

For example, Canary Home Security adapts to your home over time and sends notifications to your connected device with HD video and audio if it detects anything out of the ordinary. Similarly, the Belkin NetCam HD Plus allows you to stream video and sound and can send alerts when motion is detected.

Kwikset allows you to lock or unlock your door with an app, and electronically send the key to guests as needed. You can also turn lights on or off from afar with the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch to appear like somebody is home doing so.

Now you should be ready to begin your journey. Learn more about connected tablets at