Cross-Country Connectivity

When Jessica Zoo and Lars Christensen, co-founders of UK-based digital marketing agency Social Media Mentors, decided to relocate to the U.S., they figured the best way to find their new home base would be to visit as many cities as possible via a cross-country road trip.  Over the course of a month, the pair traveled through 18 states, making their way through the U.S. from Texas all the way to New York.

As self-proclaimed “digital nomads,” Jessica and Lars knew they would need reliable access to wireless internet during their travels. Prior to embarking on their trip, they picked up a Verizon Jetpack® to help keep them connected while on the road.

“We did some research and the Verizon Jetpack was the most convenient and affordable option,” said Jessica. “It was easy to set up and we liked that we weren’t tied to a contract – we could purchase more data as we needed it.”

The Verizon Jetpack proved to be invaluable during their trip.

“It was a saving grace, especially at hotels where internet connection was not always reliable,” said Jessica. “Without it, it would have been impossible to connect and keep up with our client work.”

You can read more about Jessica and Lars’ trip and their experience with the Verizon Jetpack in a post they wrote for the travel blog, Inspiring Travellers. To learn more about mobile hotspot devices available through Verizon, be sure to visit