Inside the Network at the 76-Story Iconic New York By Gehry

Michele and experts from ExteNet accompanied media and attendees on their tours to showcase the network and answer any questions. The tours also included a trip to the rooftop, where attendees could view the iDUCT technology and take in the 360 degree views of New York City at the top of the 870-foot tall, 76-story residential building.

“The New York City market has a high concentration of customers who have embraced the mobile lifestyle and depend on their wireless service across the board in their daily business and activities,” White said. “Our work with the New York by Gehry building is just one example of our continued efforts to provide a best-in-class network experience for these customers wherever they live, work, and play—whether it’s at the top floor of one of the tallest residential buildings in the world or underground in the subways.”

The event consisted of multiple tours of the New York by Gehry’s indoor distributed network developed by ExteNet, which includes multiple, discreetly-mounted antennas, as well as a patented iDUCT® solution that leverages existing HVAC ducts in the building to deliver enhanced wireless coverage and performance in an effective, aesthetically-pleasing manner.

In conjunction with the New York State Wireless Association Forum, Verizon Wireless participated in an event with partner ExteNet to showcase the indoor distributed network at the iconic New York by Gehry residential building in New York City.

In front of an audience of key wireless industry stakeholders, as well as reporters from CNET, Light Reading and Commercial Observer, Michele White, Executive Director of Network Operations, highlighted our position as the leading wireless provider in the New York Metro area.