Kicking Up the Jams at the Chicago Destination Store

When you visit the Verizon Destination Store in Chicago, you immediately step into the Amplify It Zone. Try your hand at being a DJ and you may get some tips from General Manager Frank DiBetta. A musician his entire life, he started playing piano at age five, adding the trumpet and drums before making the transition to electronic pads.

“You can do so much more with music, and technology levels the playing field,” shared Frank. “You can make a studio-quality recording whether you’re in a multimillion-dollar studio or a garage.”

In the Amplify It Zone, customers can mix their own music with the Amplify It Music Mixer. The set-up offers six rock musician recordings, with the ability to create up to 18 different combinations of the same song. Guests with NFC-capable devices can even download a free copy of the song to take home with them.

In addition to creating music, Amplify It offers many ways for consumers to listen to their favorite beats. Jelani Burke, a solutions manager at the store, provides customers with additional audio expertise. Jelani is a professional recording engineer who has worked with R. Kelly, among others.

“We offer our customers a variety of speaker and headphone choices because not everyone needs the same things,” said Jelani. “Different types of music have different frequencies, which can [prevent] certain speakers or headphones from being a good fit. We also look to learn what type of experience the customer is expecting, so we can provide insights on what will work best for their needs.

”The Wall of Sound – featuring 239 speakers – is a great way for customers to hear exactly what Jelani is talking about. At the wall, customers can play different types of music on different types of speakers to help identify what sound is best for them.

No matter what type of music moves you, the Amplify It Zone is a fun place to explore all that speaker and headphone technology can offer. Next time you’re in Chicago, be sure to stop by to say “hi” to Frank and Jelani – they are ready for your questions!