Staying Connected When Storms Threaten

Hurricane season is here and staying safe from nature’s wrath requires planning.  In a severe weather event, even one hour without power or network connectivity can be stressful.

As a timely reminder, here are some tips on how technology can help keep you and your family connected in the event of an emergency:

  • Create a family emergency plan that includes lists and procedures such as who to call, where to go, and what supplies to take if you must evacuate.
  • Keep mobile phones, tablets, laptops, batteries, chargers and other equipment in dry, accessible locations like re-sealable plastic bags.
  • If you must go on the road, bring a car charger for each device.
  • Take photos of personal possessions and property for insurance purposes.  These can be saved to an online storage site such as Verizon Cloud and provide time-stamped information if needed.
  • Communicate via brief text messages, which are likely to get through more quickly in a crisis. Limit non-emergency/non-essential calls to save battery power and free up wireless networks for emergency workers and operations.
  • Update your status on your social media accounts. Check social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, as many local agencies use these to provide official updates, directions to shelters and other status information.
  • Access websites such as the Emergency Information Center and FEMA, as well as other local online resources, from your smartphone or tablet for information on emergency communication resources and battery charging stations.

Every bit of preparation counts.  For more information on how Verizon prepares for storm season, click here.

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