Promo Connects Customers in Mexico and Canada for $5 a Month

Customers love technology that enables them to connect with loved ones and conduct business across the globe – and they really love saving money while doing it. 

Verizon today introduced a limited-time promotion for customers using our $15 Mexico/Canada International Travel Plan to help make keeping in touch easier and more affordable than ever.   Now, customers can stay connected while traveling in Mexico and Canada with 100 minutes + 100 sent texts + unlimited received texts + 100MB of data for just $5 per month for the first 3 months!

The promotion applies to More Everything, Nationwide Plans, America’s Choice and Flexible Business Plans. The discount will be applied for three months, at which time the price will return to $15 per month.  As early as September of this year, a World Device will be required for use while traveling in Mexico and Canada.  Any overages will be billed at non-discounted rates: $10 per 100MB, .10 per minute, .10 per text sent.

Mexico/Canada Plans Recently Enhanced

Verizon had recently enhanced its rate plans to Mexico and Canada.  Customers who add $5 per month per line under the International Value plan enjoy calling to Mexico and Canada for $0.00 a minute (airtime charges apply).

In addition to the $15 plan for customers traveling within Mexico and Canada, $25 per line per month provides 500 minutes to U.S. or local numbers while in Mexico or Canada; 500 sent and unlimited received text messages; and 1GB of data to share photos, update social media and surf the web.  

For visitors to more than 140 countries around the world or simply relaxing on one of 400 plus cruise ships, $40 per line lets you talk for 100 minutes, send up to 100 text messages, receive unlimited text messages; and use 100 MB of data, with additional 100MB allowances for $25. 

Other International Travel

If you’re not traveling to one of the 140 plus countries or 400 cruise ships with the preferred pricing, you can use the Pay-As-You-Go pricing at $2.99 per minute for voice and $2.05 per megabyte for data.

And no matter what country or time zone you are in, Verizon offers 24/7 customer service to help with any questions you have about your device or to make sure you are on the best price plan for the next leg of the trip.