Verizon Prepares for Comic-Con International with a Heroic Network

With the ink freshly dried on its contract renewal with the city of San Diego, the annual Comic-Con International event is gearing up to delight its myriad of fans with another impressive show, aware that having a modern infrastructure and wireless network capacity has never been more important.

Last year, Comic-Con fans exchanged more than 1.80 terabytes of wireless data during the event. This year, the estimated 200,000 attendees who converge on July 9 - with plans to text, tweet, snap, and share pics and videos with the world - will find that Verizon has prepared for the cosplay crowd a bit differently than it did last year. 

In previous years, Verizon boosted capacity and coverage with COWs (Cells on Wheels) and COLTs (Cells on Light Trucks) in high traffic areas near the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con takes place. This year, extra capacity will be made permanent through added extra digital carrier systems to keep up with the growing annual fan pilgrimage. 

Verizon has also added a new cell site to the Historic Gaslamp Quarter, which is filled with 16 ½ blocks of entertainment and night life venues that include restaurants and street scene music festivals. In addition, the company is deploying test engineers to roam the events and make real-time network adjustments as needed to ensure attendees have the best event experience possible.

Once Comic-Con has ended, residents and visitors alike will continue to benefit from these “super” network improvements for years to come.