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5 must-have travel apps for the creative traveler

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Planning for a long-awaited summer vacation? As you finalize plans for your trip, check out these unique mobile apps that will help even the most creative traveler uncover new gems worth exploring.


For the traveling foodie looking for authentic, native cuisine, EatWith offers the chance to dine in the homes of locals. Through the app, you can reserve seats in a local resident’s home and enjoy a delicious, unique menu prepared by qualified chefs. The shared dining experience offers a savory meal and the opportunity to engage with locals and visitors alike. You’re guaranteed to end the night with a host of new friends.  Read this story about Stacia, an EatWith hostess.


Curious minds want to know…Findery is an app sourced by users that helps travelers uncover hidden secrets nearby, offering local knowledge and insight into the history of an old building or park by your hotel. Field Trip is a similar app powered by media sites Zagat and Thrillist that notifies you of interesting landmarks based on your location.


Activity booking is a breeze with Viator, an app that helps users make excursion and tour reservations. By using an interactive map, you can filter activities to instantly find fun things to do while out and about. Listed activities also come with user recommendations, photos and reviews.


For the traveler who wants a genuine experience in a new place rather than falling into tourist traps, Localeur provides advice on the best sights and watering holes frequented by – you guessed it – locals. The app ensures you won’t miss any must-see spots that may not have made it onto the tourist map.

Whether you’re trekking across the country or simply getting lost in a neighboring city, a reliable mobile connection ensures complete destination and app exploration. 

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