Outdoor Adventures Made Better by Wireless Tech

There is no time like the present to step out of your office and head outside to enjoy the fresh air, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave technology behind. Luckily for those of us who are attached to our devices but love the great outdoors, innovators are developing new wireless technologies that can work when you’re away from civilization.

BioLite CampStove

If you’d like the option of having your wireless device at the ready while out in the wilderness, consider purchasing a BioLite CampStove. The BioLite CampStove combines the practicality of a regular cook top, creating a smokeless flame for cooking meals and boiling water, with a high-tech ability to charge devices. Burning wood will generate about two watts of electricity to charge everything from smartphones to head lamps. About 20 minutes of charging will provide you with 60 minutes of talk time, with charging times varied based on the device and the strength of the fire.


Now that you’re able to charge your wireless device out in the wild, it’s time to put your smartphone to good use. AllTrails is an app available for iOS and Android that grants access to over 50,000 trails across the United States, including tracks for such activities as mountain biking or fishing. You can get social by posting reviews or pictures of your treks.

Garmin Monterra

Who needs an old-fashioned GPS when you can have an Android-based smart device on your trip? Garmin Monterra gives the user access to important outdoor adventure features, such as a compass, GPS supported by satellites and expansive 3D maps. If you want more than your standard trekking tools, you can also access Google Play and use the device’s camera and video storage. Running on AA batteries and featuring a waterproof casing, the Garmin Monterra uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC to allow you to share pictures, routes or maps with your fellow adventurers.

GoPro Hero+LCD

Whether you’re on land or at sea, the Hero+LCD has you covered when you want to capture the most off-the-grid moments. This rugged device is waterproof and features a user-friendly touch display to help preserve memories virtually anywhere with high quality pictures and videos. Both wearable and mountable, the Hero+LCD is made even better with the GoPro app, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, which allows you to easily post content to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimate Ears UE MEGABOOM

To add a soundtrack to your next hike or day by the pool, use the UE MEGABOOM speaker by Ultimate Ears. This Bluetooth-enabled device connects to your phone from as far as 100 feet away and delivers 360 degrees of quality sound. The UE MEGABOOM can survive the elements, and its app grants users access to additional features like remote controls, alarms and sound customization.