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At his desk in Lone Tree, Colorado, Trent Wilcken gazes at his computer display with a bird’s eye view of LA’s Dodger Stadium, a thousand miles away. His view is a live feed showing stadium data including temperature, kilowatt usage from more than a dozen meters stationed around the stadium, and more.

Wilcken is President and CEO of Meterlogic, the power management company that makes energy costs visible. “We help open up the eyes of our customers to see where they are using power and energy, and what it is costing them, to help them make energy savings decisions,” says Wilcken.

Meterlogic places monitoring meters like those on the side of the home throughout a business, ski resort or university campus. The meters are equipped with a Verizon 4G LTE hotspot that sends information back using Verizon’s reliable 4G network to a company’s IT network. If the company would rather have the information hosted on a private network, Verizon Enterprise can help to build it for the company.  

“Our customers trust a company like Verizon to handle that transmission of data and the data storage,” says Wilcken. “By utilizing Verizon’s services, it almost eliminates the need for wired broadband on the customer’s end. This is helpful for ski resorts and other companies where geography may play a role.”

Most businesses that use Meterlogic save two to four percent on their power bill, along with two to five percent on the operations of their power systems. Equally as important, Meterlogic also helps businesses save an average of 10 percent by avoiding downtime and lost production, which can greatly impact a company’s bottom line.

Meterlogic and its wireless monitoring services generate many side benefits. Several ski resorts use Meterlogic to help manage energy on lifts, restaurants and other operations. It allows them to conserve power and cut costs while reducing waste and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Government buildings at the federal, state and local level are meeting mandated requirements for metering and reporting of electricity usage. Hospitals are monitoring and managing their emergency power supplies each month to ensure generators can power vital life support equipment in critical care wards during an outage.

Wilcken says Verizon is a critical partner in helping to shape some of the solutions his clients demand.

“Verizon has helped us create a very secure environment for our customers. Having Verizon’s support and systems has made a big difference in our ability to complete a job successfully.”

For more information on Meterlogic, visit the website at

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