Technology Helps Unite for HER Maximize fundraising Efforts

For the past seven years, Verizon Wireless has supported Unite for HER, a suburban Philadelphia-based nonprofit aimed at making a positive difference in the lives of women and girls by supporting and providing breast cancer and wellness programs that educate, empower and restore. Unite for HER works with more than 1,000 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients annually as they navigate their treatment plan, side effects and symptoms, giving them access to financial resources for complementary therapies valuable to their healing.

In February 2015, Verizon Wireless was able to help Unite for HER pull off its largest fundraising event, the Pink Invitational-Gymnasts Unite in Philadelphia, by making a simple mobile technology donation. With more than 10,000 guests in attendance at the event, Unite for HER needed efficient and accurate technology to deliver imperative information, including athletes’ scores. That’s where Verizon Wireless’s donation of four iPhones and hotspots came into play, eliminating the need for Unite for HER to pay for Wi-Fi services at the Philadelphia Convention Center during the three-day competition. The technology was critical to Unite for HER, as it was used to upload 2,500 athletes’ scores through a host site, allowing guests in attendance to monitor and view in real-time. This service helped Unite for HER provide a professional experience to event patrons, which assisted in maximizing support and funding at the event. The funds raised through the Pink Invitational went directly to women affected by breast cancer in the Philadelphia region.  

“We value and respect Verizon’s commitment as our official partner for all these years. Their loyalty and dedication to our community is readily apparent as they support our wellness programs and outreach initiatives to those we serve. We are honored and humbled that Verizon continues to place their trust in - and donate their resources to - Unite for HER,” said Sue Weldon, Unite for HER president and founder.

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