#WhyNotWednesday? Verizon Creates Something New and Awesome Every Wednesday

Wednesday isn’t normally an exciting day of the week. Usually the only anticipation it brings is that Thursday and Friday are right behind. But starting this week, Verizon is giving customers a reason to look forward to Wednesdays.

Beginning August 26th and running every Wednesday going forward, Verizon will give our customers a chance to sample the best of the digital world. It’s called “#WhyNotWednesday,” and it will feature the latest in music, sports, fashion, entertainment and technology.

We know our network offers the best digital experience available, and we want our customers to fully understand how “better matters” by enjoying some of the best content and experiences out there.

For our First Wednesday, Why not Crash the VMAs?

  • The MTV Video Music Awards are Sunday, August 30th.  So why not crash the red carpet and get backstage access via the streaming app Periscope?  Vanessa Hudgens will be our host.  That means you can be right there with her on the red carpet, and wherever else she may go.

Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting that week’s promo on our Tumblr site at verizon.tumblr.com -- or you can follow @VerizonWireless on Twitter for details each week.  Look for the hashtag #WhyNotWednesday. Why? Why Not!

Future Wednesdays will feature content and experiences from the world of fashion, music entertainment, technology, the NFL and more.