Help keep your little ones safer through technology

When it comes to taking care of your children, tech has expanded beyond the simple radio baby monitors. September is National Baby Safety Month, and it’s the perfect time to really take inventory of how you could improve upon your child’s safety in and out of the home. While no one technology will ever take the place of parental love and attention, the market is booming with devices, apps and more that can give parents a little peace of mind when caring for their tiny tykes.

“I don’t think we’ll have robots watching our kids anytime soon,” jokes Andrea Geeleven, a Child Care Advocate and licensed Family Prevention Specialist, “but advances in tech made for children means parents have more resources than ever. Parental knowledge is essential, so I’d encourage everyone to research some tech that is out there and see how you can use it to your advantage.”

Here are some standout tech tools now available for parents to check out:

  • Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX infant car seat with SensorSafe: Tragically, 38 children a year die in heat-related deaths in automobiles. This July, Evenflo debuted a car seat, which uses a Wi-Fi signal and wireless receiver to generate alert tones, set off through a smart chest clip. It’s a simple reminder that could save a life.
  • Owlet Smart Sock: This tiny bootie sock actually alerts parents if their baby stops breathing, and the device monitors heartbeat and oxygen levels. The company points out that not being sure if their baby is sleeping peacefully, or if something is wrong, is a question many new parents can relate to. And even if Wi-Fi or mobile service is down, alerts will be sent via the included Owlet base station. This product offers a little more peace of mind to new parents.
  • Withings Smart Baby Monitor: Featured on on Verizon's website, this ultra-sleek baby monitor allows you to play up to 7 built-in lullabies for your child right from the camera, as well as zoom in from your smartphone wherever the camera is pointed. With the ability to talk back through the device, it’s as close as you can get without actually being in the room.  Sensors even let you know the room temperature, a data graph of 15 minutes worth of activity, and even a multi-colored nightlight, all triggered from the app.  It’s a far cry from a two-way radio.
  • LolaKnows app: Quite simply, an app that keeps you informed with everything you need to know about child product safety. In addition to researching items, the app allows you to set up alerts that pertain to health or safety hazards about baby products already in your home. An app is only as good as the network it’s on, so make sure you’re connected with Verizon’s 4G LTE network.
  • Exmobaby onesie: This Smart Garment sounds like something out of the distant future, but it uses algorithms, data gathering, and biosensors to monitor both the baby’s vital signs and skin temperature. It even lets you know what mood your infant is in, if that isn’t already apparent. Parents can also be alerted by both 3G and Bluetooth signals as their child’s movement or vital signs change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change diapers.

In addition to tech, a little practical online research around child safety can go a long way. Information about infant CPR, tips surrounding pets and small children, safe co-sleeping practices, basic first aid and more are available from organizations such as Safe Kids Worldwide. We encourage you to learn more, promote National Baby Safety Month on your social channels, and let us know which techniques (and tech devices) are a must-have in your household. From new parents, to been-there-done-that moms and dads, our shared knowledge is a vital step in keeping kids safe and happy.

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