Rockhill residents find value in staying connected

Connectivity and cost go a long way when running a retirement community focused on the quality of life.  We at Rockhill Mennonite Community, a continuing care retirement community in Bucks County, PA., have found the best of both for our residents. For our practical, cost-conscious residents, we are now offering Verizon's Wireless Home Phone service, a reliable, portable, low-cost alternative to traditional home phone service using the Verizon network, all while allowing most users to keep their same number and home phone.

In late 2014, the Rockhill leadership and administrative teams identified a need that would ultimately affect the quality of the experience we were able to provide. Individuals in the Health Care Center at Rockhill did not have access to phone service in their rooms, so they could not call outside the facility.  With Verizon’s Wireless Home Phone being easy to install and having a low price point, it was the way to go for us.

Following the successful installation of the service in the Health Care Center, we decided to make a change in Residential Living, where it often took up to three weeks for other phone service to be delivered when new residents moved in. With Verizon’s Wireless Home Phone, residents can make calls within 48 hours of moving in.  And they love the fact that they can make long distance calls nationwide and keep the same number they always had.

For myself and the rest of the Rockhill community, Verizon’s Wireless Home Phone has been a game changer. It has meant happier, more connected residents, as well as increased efficiency for the Rockhill team.

Additionally, the customer service offered by Verizon has made a lasting impact. Many of the nearly 30 residents that now use Verizon’s Wireless Home Phone know Nigel Grant, a healthcare wireless representative by name, and for the leadership and administrative team at Rockhill, myself included, perceptions have begun to change. Nigel has done a great job changing the image of lack of customer service that is so often associated with large companies.  The added value that Verizon provides to Rockhill Mennonite Community has been immense.

Thank you to Verizon for knowing how to look at a challenge differently.


Director of IT

Rockhill Mennonite Community