Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Verizon 4G LTE Now Available

Multi Window does not support all applications

For devices supported by SideSync, please visit

Fingerprint unlocking may not be permitted for access to corporate Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync servers.  Check with your company IT administrator.

Results may vary.  Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls and voice, data and other applications usage patterns.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is now available online for $24.99 a month for 24 months; 0% APR (full price $599.99). The tablet will be available in stores starting September 10. Customers can add a tablet to their Verizon plan for an additional $10 monthly access.

Two things to think about when considering a tablet – what can the tablet do? And does my network let me use my tablet features where and when I need it to?  

That’s where having a reliable 4G LTE connection matters. So you can use your tablet when you’re favorite author releases a new book and want to download it, when you’re on a road trip and the passengers want to watch Netflix, or when your boss asks if you’ve uploaded that super important document to the cloud but you’re not near a computer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 gives you access to, entertainment, productivity and your favorite apps all in a portable and slim design.

The tablet also has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display. So what does that mean to you? Deep contrast, rich colors, and crisp details, so you won’t miss a thing. Tablets aren’t meant to be only used indoors or under certain lighting conditions. The Galaxy Tab S2 has adaptive display technology so whether you’re in low light or sunlight, photos, videos, books, and presentations look great.

While you may not be able to be in two places at once, the tablet does let you be in two apps at once. The Galaxy Tab S2 supports advanced multitasking tools like Multi Window. Easily open two compatible apps side by side at the same time. Flip through new pictures on Facebook while e-mailing friends about them on the same screen.

The tablet also works effortlessly between your Samsung tablet and Samsung smartphone with SideSync.  Quickly drag and drop photos and documents between devices, and even respond to a text or answer a call from your smartphone directly on your tablet.

Tablets nowadays can do a lot and can fit a variety of different lifestyles. But if you’re spending too much time looking for Wi-Fi then you aren’t really enjoying the tablet to its full potential.