“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

With Thanksgiving looming and just 59 days until Christmas, it’s clear that the holiday season is rapidly advancing.  Whether you plan on spending the special time of year at home or traveling abroad, let Verizon provide you with key tips to help broaden your horizons.

With TripIt, you can become your own travel agent, planning and booking your trip from car rental, to accommodation, to restaurants. After all, who wants to cook during vacation? TripIt creates customized itineraries, so all of your bookings and confirmations are in one convenient place. Brilliantly, it even alerts you to when a better seat is available on a pending flight. What’s not to like?

Taking a road trip? For crowd-sourced travel, look no further than Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Fellow drivers share real-time traffic and road behavior information, allowing you to save both gas and cash, as well as avoid those in-car family rows, because now when you follow a short-cut to avoid the traffic, you are doing so based on data rather than instinct. Just by being logged in to Waze while driving, you can also report accidents and other hazards, helping to make the roads safer for your fellow drivers.

While you’re watching out for road hogs, also be aware of data hogs – apps that consume massive amounts of data. There are great alternatives that work really well offline - Maps.Me is a good example. It not only saves data by keeping maps offline, it is also ideal for more remote locations as you don’t need a connection while you are actually on-site. If you’re an off-piste adventurer, Maps.Me is definitely for you.

Tripomatic and Triposo also keep some of their content offline; however, they are more focused on activities rather than directions and route planning. 

If you are preparing for that next big excursion, the obvious question is: what to pack? Look no further than PackingPro, the true experts in packing lists. With this app, you have the option of either using the sample lists already created, or customize your own list based on number and age of travelers, destination, likely temperature, etc. You can even include clothes washing preferences!

Not sure where to go? Even without a passport, there is a world of choices ahead of you. America is an enormous treasure trove of vacation potential - you can actually fit France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg inside of Texas alone. If you’re really stuck for inspiration, take a look at US News Travel: Best Places to Visit in the USA. 

Happy travels!