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Seventh-inning selfies and 4GLTE

Baseball’s biggest series is heading to New York City, and fans are beginning to gear up for the games: finalizing ticket purchases, pulling out lucky jerseys, grooming playoff beards, and exercising well-earned bragging rights through texts, calls and social media.

Luckily for Verizon customers planning to attend the games, Verizon has the fastest median download and upload speeds at Citi Field, according to third party testing.

Verizon has curated the following tips for baseball fans to offer a seamless mobile experience.

  • Keep your selfie game on point.
    Lose the selfie sticks out of respect for your fellow fans, but gain more “likes” with selfies that don’t just highlight your face, but include the field green and scoreboard in the background. If you’re taking the subway, snap a shot getting off the 7 train to capture the energy of the crowd before the first pitch.
  • Share updates in real time with your family and friends.
    Love what you just saw? Tweet it, upload a picture of it and tell your friends. There is no such thing as oversharing when it comes to the championship.
  • Ensure your connection is strong.
    Verizon has increased capacity at Citi Field by adding more sites and allocating more spectrum to LTE so customers should experience a fast and reliable connection during the series. Fans can also leverage Verizon’s free Wi-Fi in the stadium. 
  •  Stay fully charged in the stands.
    Don’t let the fear of your battery running low limit your game time data usage. Pick up a Mophie Powerstation to extend the power of your device and stay in the game.

RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, ranked Verizon Wireless No. 1 for overall network performance nationwide. The testing firm also released a new network performance report specifically detailing the “urban mobile experience” within New York City – and Verizon dominated the testing results at all sports venues tested in NYC – including Citi Field.

Whether you are on the road, in the stands or watching from home, Verizon has baseball fans covered.