Surviving long flights using your smartphone

Long flights can be a struggle. It’s easy to find yourself counting the seconds until arrival and it feels like it will never end. Carrying on games and books can take up extra space you could probably use. 

Thankfully, your devices that you bring with you already can provide you with hours of entertainment to pass the time. You just need to do a little preparing before your flight.

Podcast radio

Whether its motivation, business tips, career advice or sports talk, podcasts can help you learn a lot while passing time. Podcasts are very similar to radio talk shows where a host talks about topics. They’re audio files that can be streamed and/or downloaded to your device.  When getting ready to go on a long flight, download a series you find interesting before boarding and listen while you travel. Once you land, you can delete the series to free up room on your phone. Then, rinse and repeat.

Tip: Use Stitcher radio’s “The Stitcher List” to see the top 100 trending podcasts.

E-readers apps

You might have heard this time and time again, but e-readers are a great way to pass time on flights. The trick with e-readers, which many people forget, is that you actually have to download some books to it before the flight.  Make sure you add a few good books to your library before you lose connectivity.

Read-It-Later Apps

We always see interesting articles that grab our attention throughout the day but don’t always have time to read them. Apps like Instapaper or Pocket allow you to cache articles to read offline. If you know you’ve got a long flight coming up, start building your library up and get ready to read. Also, double check to ensure it works properly before departing. There’s nothing worse than getting excited to read everything you’ve bookmarked and come to realize you haven’t actually saved it to your device.

OTG Cables

If you’re an Android user, an OTG (on-the-go) cable allows you to connect external USB devices to your smartphone or tablet. You can use this cable to connect to an external hard drive where you can save movies, music and other files. This will prevent the files taking up space on your smartphone or tablet, while giving you a library of movies.

Ambient Noise

Some people use their travel time to escape technology. Although this idea uses technology, it can help your mind escape the travel while resting. Apps like Relax and Sleep and Relax Rain can provide you with nature sounds to help your imagination kick start.

A long flight doesn’t have to be a dreadful thing. The right technology can help you pass time on your flight and make it seem like it never even happened. What are your tips for helping survive long flights? Tweet us @VerizonNews and share yours.