Which Tech Makes Waiting in Line Fun Again?

Once upon a time, the phrase “waiting in line” was shorthand for “boredom.” Now, thanks to a combination of smart technology and interesting locations, waiting in line can be fun – especially in St. Louis. From Food Truck Fridays to the best BBQ joint in America, there is no shortage of fun St. Louis lines to find yourself in. We wanted to highlight a few lines worth waiting in and ask those on their smartphones how they pass the time before the main event.

5th Annual Sauce Magazine Food Truck Fridays – An annual event in the beautiful Tower Grove Park where more than 20 area food trucks line up while hundreds flock to sample their delicious local fare. From Korean tacos to organic cupcakes, you’ll certainly be waiting in line – but the hardest decision is which line to pick. Be sure to plan ahead because September 11 and October 2 are the final 2015 dates.

Line advice: “My friends and I love food truck Fridays and determine a picnic spot ahead of time before splitting up into different Food Truck lines so we can all sample a little of everything. sharing what we got from each truck. While we wait in line, we text status updates back and forth of how close we are to the front. While I wait, I also use the Show Me Food Trucks app to find out which trucks are in the park and where they’ll pop up next. That way I can catch them another day if I miss out the first time.” — Monica R., St. Louis, MO

Six Flags St. Louis – Whether you’re a roller coaster fanatic or prefer something a little tamer, lines are the one constant at amusement parks everywhere....especially when a brand new attraction, such as the 4D “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis” at Six Flags St. Louis, makes its exciting debut.

Line advice: “Our youngest likes the kiddie rides, but gets pretty restless waiting in the lines. I let him play Looney Tunes Dash on my Nexus 6 while we wait. My older son and my husband split off and like to ride what my oldest calls ‘the Big Boy Rides.’ While we’re all in separate ride lines, I keep in touch with my husband and older son by sending goofy pictures back and forth, in-between Looney Tunes dashes, of course. Then we text to meet up afterward. My favorite line: the one for funnel cakes.” — Denise J., Maryland Heights, MO.

Lambert International Airport – Airports tend to be one line after another. While lines at Lambert are typically a smooth and friendly experience when compared to larger cities, Verizon customers will benefit from amazing connection speeds no matter how long the wait – based on a recent RootMetrics report naming Verizon “the best carrier for connectivity in airports.”

Line advice: “The last time I was traveling from Lambert, I used an app called MiFlight, which told me about what the wait would be at the security checkpoints. The app helps ease my ‘Am I on time?’ anxiety so I don’t feel so rushed. In the boarding and security lines, I usually catch up on news using the Paper app and then, depending on the airline, I keep my boarding pass on my phone.” – Josh W., Clayton, MO

Pappy’s Smokehouse – Pappy’s is some of the best BBQ in St. Louis, and when it’s gone, it’s gone – which is why patrons (including hungry celebs like Hugh Jackman and Willie Nelson) start lining up early to ensure they get their fix. Pappy’s smokes their meat for more than 14 hours, so the line seems short by comparison.

Line advice: “I’m spoiled because I work next to Pappy’s, so I can check out the wait before I walk out for lunch. The Pappy’s crowd is definitely a cheery and eager bunch, and they come from all over. When the line is extra long, I play – appropriately – this addictive puzzle game called Find-The-Line. Then, before I know it, it’s usually time to put my phone away and order some ribs.” — Scott B., St. Louis, MO