Wearable tech for a stylish and productive may(ke)-over

By: Albert Aydin
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May Accessories of the Month
May Accessories of the Month

Tech and fashion barriers are being removed, one accessory at a time. Verizon has two wearables for a stylish and productive tech May(ke)-over: The Moto 360 2nd Gen/Moto 360 Sport and the LG TONE PRO Bluetooth headset.

Starting May 1, get $50 off any Moto 360 2nd Gen or Moto 360 Sport smartwatch. Additionally, the LG TONE PRO will be $59.99 (normally $69.99). The discounted pricing will be available for the month of May as part of Verizon’s accessory of the month promotion.

No One Size Fits All

A single watch design or color isn’t for everyone. The Moto 360 2nd Gen and Moto 360 Sport both come in various colors and sizes to find the right one that fits you. The 360 2nd Gen is available in multiple colors of leather and stainless steel bands, and the 360 Sport is available in Black, White, or Flame color options.

The Moto 360 2nd Gen also makes it easy to swap out and change the watch bands for the times when you want to change it up. Start the day with a leather band and then swap it for a silver metal one for the evening.

It’s All In The Wrist

Don’t get caught constantly looking down at your smartphone. Having a smartwatch means notifications go straight to the wrist to quickly glance at what’s going on in life, all without needing to take out your smartphone. Reply to friends, get social media updates, or dismiss the spam easily with a swipe to the watch.

It also responds to your voice. Need to know the time of your next meeting or directions to tonight's party? Just say "Ok Google," then ask your question to get the information you need.


Stylish and easy to wear, the LG TONE PRO headset features an ergonomic 3D NeckBehind™ design. That means it’s made to comfortably curve around the back of the neck, providing a natural feel throughout the day. The TONE PRO is available in Red, White, Black, and Blue color models to fit your style and preference.

The headset also includes smart features like Advanced Multipoint Technology. Connect the TONE PRO to two devices simultaneously and switch quickly between calls and music. For example, easily go from participating in a conference call to listening to your favorite tunes at the touch of a button. Work-Life balance with a single button.

Visit the Verizon accessories page for more details and a full line up of accessories.

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